What are the flavours?
  • Gluten free savoury muffin

  • Herb scone with chive cream

  • Peanut butter pretzel brownie

  • Earl Grey lavender tea cake

  • Gluten free white chocolate tart au citron

  • Pumpkin chocolate cake pop

Are they 100% vegan? Yes, they absolutely are!!! They are made for vegans by a vegan!!!
What are the pick up dates and locations? Saturday 13th May

@ the Big Vegan Market – The Royal Exhibition Centre, Carlton


Sunday 14th May- Morning


Can I have it delivered? No, I wish I could be in 5 different places at the same time, but I can’t teleport just yet. I am sure you might also be able to send an Uber driver for the pick up :)
Can I change the High Tea Anywhere Pack (HTAP) to fully gluten and vegan? I wish I could have every option under the sun, but being a small business owner, it’s hard/not that easy. But depending on popularity, we may be able to provide it in the future. So, not now, but maybe later.
Can I mix and match or change the items? Much like a box of assorted chocolates or assorted cookies, mixing and matching, or changing of items is not possible
Can you please provide the ingredients list? Yes, please visit: http://www.vonsveganbakehouse.com.au/mothers-day-promo-high-tea-anywhere-pack/ingredients-list
What are the payments methods? By Paypal or direct deposit, or by credit card (with a 4%), details will be provided in the invoice.
Can I pay cash or EPTPOS when I pick up? To keep a roof over the bakehouse, all payments must be received prior to pick up date.
Why is there a cut off date for ordering by the 7th May? Being a small business, we will be needing a lead time to fulfil the orders, to ensure we can deliver products with the highest quality and freshest ingredients.
I have a nut allergy, can I still have the Vegan High Tea Anywhere pack? Yes and no, none of the items in the VHTA pack contains tree nuts but the Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies DO contain peanut butter that is made in house. And so, items made in our premises may contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts. If you are anaphylaxis towards either tree nuts or peanuts and are worried about trance elements of the above, I would probably steer clear.
What sugar is used in the baked goods? Caster Sugar by CSR or Bundaberg
What kind of flour is used in the Vegan High Tea Anywhere Pack? Regular items: Plain flour by Alpine Mill


Gluten free items: Von’s Vegan Bakehouse GF Mix – rice flour, polenta, red sorghum, coconut flour and buckwheat flour

Can I have a refund if I changed my mind? If you change your mind before the 7th May, we provide a 100% refund. However a change of mind after 7th of May, we are taking a 20% cut to cover admin fees and ingredients.
How do we store left overs? All items can be frozen in an air tight container for up to 4 weeks. Cakes and savoury items do not like to be kept in the fridge but can stay out in room temp in an air tight contain for up to 3 days.